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BeautyLash eyelash growth 4 ml
BeautyLash eyelash growth 4 ml

BeautyLash eyelash growth 4 ml

BeautyLash eyelash growth 4 ml
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Naturally activates the growth of your eyelashes. 
  • Up to 75 % longer lashes after 6 weeks 
  • Lash volumizer and strengthener 
  • Highly-efficient formula for healthy and beautiful lashes 
  • Key bioactive substance for successful results 
  • Scientifically proven effectiveness and comfort 
Usage: Apply the serum once daily in the evenings the same way as an eyeliner after washing your face, on the upper and lower eyelash base. One stroke of the brush is enough.  The effectiveness of this product is based on regular application over several weeks. If application is stopped, it will cease to be effective. 

If you want to retain your new long eyelashes, it is recommended that you continue using the product. Results may vary between individuals depending on metabolism. Consequently, more frequent application or larger quantities may be necessary to achieve the desired effect. 

The BeautyLash Eyelash Growth Booster may also be used to fill in sparse eyebrows or bald patches.

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