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Cirrus Iontoderm - Galvanic by Silhouet-tone

Cirrus Iontoderm - Galvanic by Silhouet-tone

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This Galvanic Current current machine is used for Desincrustation or deep pore cleansing and for Iontophoresis which is product infusion into the skin. Includes all necessary accessories: 1 ionto roller, 1 desincrustator, 3 round spontex sponges, 1 black cable, 1 red cable, 1 contact handle and spontex sponge for handle. 

  • An exclusive anti-shock system gradually increases and decreases intensity when electrode is removed and re-applied on the skin. 
  • New digital display, more stable intensity control 
  • New disincrustator with ergonomic easy grip handle 
  • Inverse polarity control switch Integrated accessory holder. 
110V AC. Certifications: UL, CSA, CE. 3 watts. 2 year warranty.
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