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Cirrus Modulex with Steamer by Silhouet-tone

Cirrus Modulex with Steamer by Silhouet-tone

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Optional Equipment
Iontoderm - Galvanic [+$398.00]
Rotary Brush [+$395.00]
Vac Spray [+$538.00]
Waldman Mag Lamp [+$272.00]
Bowls & Holders [+$45.00]
Accessory Holder [+$75.00]
No optional Equipments
Customizable Facial Equipment - MADE IN CANADA 

Customize this modular system to meet your particular requirements. The base unit consists of the Cirrus Steamer 02 on stand (stand Column with Attachment Kit for modules). 
You can add skin care modules as desired to construct your own multi-function system (see upgrades options). 

Shown with optional cirrus 
  • High Frequency, 
  • Cirrus Galvanic Current, 
  • Cirrus Rotary brush, 
  • Magnifying Lamp, 
  • Stainless Steel Bowls in Bowl Holder, 
  •  Extra Shelf. 
 Dimensions: 34"(86.36cm) L x 21.5"(54.61cm) W x 60''(152.4cm) H. 
 2 year warranty.
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