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Clodagh Leo by Oakworks
*Shown with Coal upholstery and Ebony Lacquer. Optional upgrades: Universal Table Extender and Adjustable Side Arm Rests

Clodagh Leo by Oakworks

Clodagh Leo by Oakworks
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Clodagh Leo by Oakworks 
Strength and beauty. Steel and wood. Oakworks and Clodagh. The Clodagh Leo is a cutting edge design creates with the simplicity and functionality Clodagh is known for. The wood shelf, coupled with welded one piece frame construction create a truly unique aesthetic. 

If there is one table that illustrates Clodagh's passion for combining modern technology with natural materials, it is the Clodagh Leo. The steel frame along with the fully powered Electric Salon top and electric hydraulic lift system give you the strength and stability that you need to handle large clients or excessive workloads that are common at high volume spas, while the wood storage shelf adds a natural aesthetic to this affordable professional spa table. 

The versatile Electric Salon Top is the perfect option for those who want the full functionality of a completely electric table. You never need to struggle to properly position a client again, because the electric salon top does most of the work for you. The Electric Salon Top features our patented access design, created to improve the ergonomics of the therapists while working in a seated position. The seat section features our super high density lower foam layer to prevent bottoming out and the extra length in the seat insures that every guest is comfortably supported. Optional armrests are a smart choice for this top; giving the table the feel of a comfortable recliner and making your clients feel as relaxed in your office as they would in their own living room. And thanks to the stabilizing linkage system, the armrests adjust automatically, ensuring level support no matter what the position of the backrest. This keeps the client's arms level and in a comfortable position. 

  • Multi-function foot control 
  • Storage Shelf 
  • Dove Gray or Satin Black powder coating finish 
  • Safety keyswitch 
  • ETL listed 
  • CE marked 
  • Top: Lift-assist Salon Top 
  • Lift System: Electric/Hydraulic 
  • Width: 29" or 31" Length: 73" 
  • Height Range: 25" - 35"(with 4" Aero-Cel padding) 
  • Weight Capacity: 625 lbs. 
  • Padding: 4" AeroCel™ (standard), 6" AeroCel™ (optional) 
  • Upholstery: TerraTouch™ (standard), UltraTouch™ (optional)

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