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Deluxe Compact column / with optional equipment by Equipro
Shown with Optional Equiments

Deluxe Compact column / with optional equipment by Equipro

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Optional Equipment
Vapoderm Steamer [+$645.00]
High Frequency [+$425.00]
Galvanic [+$425.00]
Rotary Brush [+$556.00]
Vac - Spray [+$556.00]
Omega 7 Mag Lamp Daylight [+$329.00]
Led Mag Lamp [+$183.00]
Wood's Lamp [+$129.00]
Bowls and Holders [+$50.00]
Bracket adaptor for bowl holder [+$60.00]
Tray [+$60.00]
No optional Equipments
Equipro Deluxe Column - MADE IN CANADA 
(Price for column only, steamer, Multiderm, mag lamp, wood's lamp, bowls and holder are extra) 

  • Compact, solid construction heavy duty stand column
  • Perfect set-up for small spaces 
  • Allows you to regroup up to 9 functions on one single base on casters 
  • Silent casters 
  • Accessories, facial tissues holder and glove holder included. 
  • Waste basket included 
  • Conceived to receive 1 to 4 units of your choice
  • Electric power bar with 6 sockets 
Dimensions: 26" W x 36" L x 34" H
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