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Galvanic Machine

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Ioniderm Galvanic by Equipro
Ioniderm Galvanic by Equipro
Item #: 11400E
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Cirrus Iontoderm - Galvanic by Silhouet-tone
Cirrus Iontoderm - Galvanic by Silhouet-tone
Item #: 410475
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What is Galvanic Current?
Galvanic Current is an electrical direct current that has the ability to break down a product into negative and positive ions, thus enhancing its penetrability into the skin. Galvanic machines use advanced electrotherapy in the form of pulsed Iontophoresis.
What is Iontophoresis ?
Iontopheresis is the method of introducing therapeutic products into the skin by means of direct electrical (Galvanic) current. This Galvanic current acts as a transporter, propelling the product into the deep layers of the skin.
Galvanic Iontophoresis is a cosmetic treatment used to deliver active substances across the skin to deeper tissues by the use of electrical polarity. Thus the substance has 70% higher efficiency compared to the same substance only applied to the skin in the usual manual way.
How does it work?
To allow the electrical current to 'propel' the product deep down, the product must be ionised (broken down into positive or negative electrical ions). With the Aesthetician using an electrode to apply the product and the client in contact with the other electrode, an electrical circuit is created.
The electrode held by the Aesthetician will propel the product’s positive ions deep into the skin. The client holds the other electrode, meaning her body is negatively charged, further 'pulling' the positive ions deeper into the skin.
This push/pull effect is very similar to that of magnets; hold the negative and positive together and they magnetise, turn them around and they push away from each other.
Effects on the skin
The product used with the galvanic current is transported deep into the skin with its own specific effects of deep cleansing, or rehydration, anti-ageing, and nourishment.
The electrical galvanic current itself has its own positive effects on the skin.
It increases blood flow, which boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, it encourages the skin cell to be more permeable, helping them absorb oxygen and product benefits, and stimulates anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory reactions, boosting the skins' own defense mechanism.
Galvanic Current also speeds up the removal of waste from skin cells. This process combined with a specific cleansing gel produces a reaction known as saponification. Fatty toxins and debris in the skin are turned into a soap-like consistency. This procedure is known as desincrustation, leaving the skin deeply cleansed and receptive to further treatments

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