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ML 100 Working Station by Silhouet-tone

ML 100 Working Station by Silhouet-tone

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ML 100 Auxiliary Working Station by Silhouet-tone 
Designed with quality and user-friendliness in mind, the ML 100 features: 
  • 3 steel shelves with safety rim at back 
  • Noiseless casters "Soft Wheel" 
  • Magnifying lamp support (2) 
  • Easy to clean: metal (steel) 
  • Optional side modules 
  • Optional Drawer 
Dimensions: Height: 37.5" (95.5 cm) * Width: 23" (58.5 cm) * Length: 15.25" (39 cm) 
Top shelf: 20 x 13.5" (50.8 x 34.25 cm)
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