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Massage Stone set with Heater
Massage Stone set with Heater

Massage Stone set with Heater

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This stone massage set includes:
  • Warmer, 
  • Complete stones sets, Basalt stones and semi-precious stones
  • Instant-read Thermometer, 
  • Tongue for stones, 
  • Pick-up Gloves
* Warmer
18qt. warmer that is large enough for full body treatments or servicing more than one client at a time. Outside dimensions are 14 1/2 x 20 1/2" x 12 1/2" Tall. Weight: 20 pounds 
* Stones 
34 piece Basalt Stone set :
2 Palm / Glutal Stone (Size 3.25"-3.75") 
8 Small Working Stone (Size 2.0"-2.5") 
4 Medium Working Stone (Size 2.5"-3.0") 
4 Trigger Point Stone (Size 3.0"-4.0")  
6 Finger Stone 
8 - Toe Stone 
2 - Foot Stone (Size 3.75"-4.5") 
7 piece activation chakra set: 
These 7 semi-precious stones are to be placed on specific body points (chakras) to remove blocked energies, while creating a sense of balance and vitality; 
To be used by itself during a Reiki or energetic session, or hot stone massage.  An amplification set can help boost the effect of these stones. 
* Instant-read thermometer 
This thermometer allows you to constantly monitor the temperature of the water in your massage stone heater. 
It has a dial on the top of the thermometer to indicate the temperature. 
* Tongues for stone 
* Pickup Gloves
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