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Neuderm Massage Oil Unscented
Neuderm Massage Oil Unscented

Neuderm Massage Oil Unscented

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32 oz
64oz [+$10.00]
Neuderm Unscented Massage Oil

Vegetable Massage Oil - Extra Pure
Water Dispersible
Non-Staining Formula
Available in 32oz or 64oz

Cosmetic grade safflower oil neutral, water-dispersible, stain-free, adapted to all types of massage techniques.

Neuderm multi-purpose Vegetable Oil obtained from cold-pressed safflower seed is neutral and perfectly adapted to use as a carrier Oil. Mix Neuderm Massage Oil with any of the 20 Neuderm Aroma Essential Oils, and proceed with aromatherapy facials or body massages.


The recommended dilution for most aromatherapy applications is 1%, i.e. 5-6 drops essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. Never go beyond 2% on children, elderly, pregnant women, or anyone with health concerns.

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