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(Made in Germany)
Plant Extracts create a calming & soothing effect, while built-in moisturizers combat dryness.

Alginate peel-off face masks are designed to complement any skincare regimen. These Masks create an occlusive cover that encourages the ingredients penetration during a facial treatment.  Although not necessary, we highly encourage the use of a treatment serum underneath. No gauze is needed. Masks can be applied directly over the eyes and lips. Powder Masks sachets are pre-measured for easy application.  Masks are activated by mixing powder with 90 ml (3.25 oz.) of distilled water or by using the Pre-Measured Bio Marine Activator. Mask is removed after 15-20 minutes. No or very little residue will be left to clean up. Contains minimal amounts of preservatives, colorants or perfume additives.

Peel-Off Alginate Powder Masks

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