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ProLuxe Convertible by Oakworks
Portable table not included

ProLuxe Convertible by Oakworks

ProLuxe Convertible by Oakworks
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ProLuxe Convertible 
The electric lift offers smooth height adjustments allowing you to easily change the height of your table without straining, saving your body and prolonging your career. 
This patent pending design allows you to use your portable table for outcalls and to convert it to an electric lift table for use in your office. 
It takes just a minute to change your table back and forth. The powerful electric motor with either foot or hand control, 
lifts your table from 20" to 36". 
The ProLuxe Convertible is the perfect solution for anyone with a studio practice who is also on the go! 

  • Powerful electric height adjustment from 20" - 36" 
  • Use the portable table you already have
  • Converts in less than a minute 
  • Change table height during treatments without disturbing your client 
  • Choice of hand or foot control

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