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Proluxe Electric Salon Top by oakworks
Shown with Saphire upholstery

Proluxe Electric Salon Top by oakworks

Proluxe Electric Salon Top by Oakworks
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Item #: 988-OAK

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Proluxe Electric Salon Top 
*Shown with Saphire upholstery. Optional upgrades: Universal Table Extender and Adjustable Side Arm Rests.

The ProLuxe Series just got better, and now comes standard with a removable and replaceable padded top. The Proluxe Lift-Assist Salon Top is a value priced spa table with all the comfort features of our most expensive tables. Ready for almost any treatment, and featuring the same comfortable top as our most expensive tables, this table is a great value. The easy to use lift-assist system uses gas cylinders for the backrest and under the legs to help you position your clients while they are on the table. Many high end spas drape their tables, and this table when draped is as beautiful as any out there. With our optional Integrated Shelf System for the Proluxe, you can store a full sized hot towel cabi and have room for other items under the table.

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