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Refectocil Eye Lash Perm Kit (54 appl)
Refectocil Eye Lash Perm Kit (54 appl)

Refectocil Eye Lash Perm Kit (54 appl)

Refectocil Eye Lash Perm Kit (54 appl)
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Long-lasting curl for eyelashes! RefectoCil Eyelash Perm with collagen and cysteine 
gives your lashes a wonderful curl, letting the eyes appear larger and more expressive. 

With special nourishment formula from collagen and cysteine, RefectoCil Eyelash Perm 
gently forms the eyelashes with the curl lasting up to 6 weeks. 

RefectoCil Eyelash Perm provides a service in your salon that your clients will be enthusiastic 
about and gives them expressive eyes in only 45 minutes. 
One kit is enough for 54 applications. 

After using the RefectoCil Eyelash Perm the application time of the RefectoCil Eyelash Tint is reduced to only 2 minutes.
The application times indicated in the instructions for use refer to normal/thin eyelashes. 

Longer application times are necessary for thick/strong eyelashes. 
  • LashPerm: 25 to 30 min. 
  • Neutralizer: 15 to 20 min. 
  • Tint after perm: 5 to 10 min. 
For optimum care of curled and tinted lashes we recommend RefectoCil LongLash Gel, which nourishes and strengthens lashes plus giving them a wonderful shine. 

  • 3 x Tubes LashPerm á 3,5 ml 
  • 3 x Tubes Neutralizer á 3,5 ml 
  • 2 x Mini-Cosmetic dishes 
  • 2 x Cosmetic brushes 
  • 1 x Bottle Glue 4 ml 
  • 1 x Application stick 
  • 1 x Folder with photos 
  • 1 x Salon-sticker for the shop window 
  • 108 pcs. Eyelash Rollers (S, M, L, XL)

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