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Refectocil Styling Gel (formerly Longlash Gel) 9ml , 0.3floz
Refectocil Styling Gel (formerly Longlash Gel) 9ml , 0.3floz

Refectocil Styling Gel (formerly Longlash Gel) 9ml , 0.3floz

Refectocil Longlash Gel 7ml, 0.23floz
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Refectocil Styling Gel (formerly Longlash Gel) 9ml , 0.3floz

Shape, care and shine for eyelashes and eyebrows with Vitamin E and D-panthenol. RefectoCil LongLash Gel is a nurturing conditioner resulting in shiny, long, strong and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows. 

The composition is gel-based and contains high-quality ingredients such as Vitamin E, D-panthenol and Glycerin. Those provide long-lasting moisture and intensively nourish and protect eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with RefectoCil. 

The use of RefectoCil LongLash Gel prevents dry and brittle eyelashes and eyebrows and helps to preserve their full natural length. Healthy eyelashes and eyebrows are crucial for an ideal tinting result. 

The RefectoCil tint is more intensive and long-lasting on healthy hair. Therefore recommend your customers RefectoCil LongLash Gel for daily use! 

Every morning RefectoCil LongLash Gel is applied with the brush applicator from roots to tips of eyelashes and eyebrows in order to shape eyebrows and add gloss and shine to eyelashes for a healthy glowing look. To achieve a very natural look, Refectocil Styling Gel ( Formely RefectoCil LongLash Gel) is used alone. It can also be used together with mascara if it is applied before the mascara. 

Contents 9 ml. 


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