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Cellulose Facial Sponges 24/pk
Cellulose Facial Sponges 24/pk
Item #: AS120
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Extra Soft Mud Mask Sponges Mousseline 2/PK
Extra Soft Mud Mask Sponges, Mousseline 2/pk
Item #: AS102
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Skin Chammy Sponge - 1 Unit
Skin Chammy Sponge
Item #: AS103
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Facial Sea Sponge over 5
Facial Sea Sponge over 5"
Item #: 62519
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Facial Buffer Sponge
Facial Buffer Sponge
Item #: 62520
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Spasbest offers a wide Professional collection of sponges with various shapes and material for all types of facials, aesthetic treatments, beauty and cosmetic needs. Disposable sponges, latex sponges, make-up wedges, mousseline french sponges, compressed sponges, shammy and more at sale prices. 

Large selection of spatulas and applicators for make-up, masks, aesthetic treatments and waxing, with a choice of disposable, wooden eco-friendly and non-disposable items, from the better quality around at discounted prices. Under this category specialty acid peel disposable applicators, plastic spoon shape spatulas, and disposable tong depressors ranging from extra-slim to wide. 

GOOD TO KNOW -  Why use a facial sponge from Spasbest.com? The reason is simple. A facial sponge helps assist in the exfoliation of skin, allowing the skin to recover faster, opening up pores and creating more breathing in the skin’s delicate tissue to allow for healthier skin growth and skin tone all around. The way to use a facial sponge best is during cleansing. Facial sponges should be integrated into your daily washing routine after rinsing with warm water to open up the pores. From there, take the clean facial sponge and scrub the skin thoroughly but not roughly on each of the critical areas of the skin where your pores tend to get clogged and skin doesn’t seem to be growing with as healthy or as natural of a tone as the other areas of the face. Typically, the most critical areas that need this treatment the most are right under the eyes, on top of the cheeks, the nose, and the chin. These areas often get clogged pores that end up having problems, sometimes leading to inflammation, irritation, blemishes or even acne. To keep this from developing into a more serious situation, it is recommended that you use a clean facial sponge once per day during your normal washing routine as prescribed above. 

Keeping acne away takes only a few simple steps per day in order to make sure it never arrives. Just pay attention to where your skin is the most sensitive and be sure to use your sponge in whatever areas you feel the most likely to get unhealthy blemishes or acne and you will get great results from using a facial sponge time and time again!

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